Wedded Bliss

She married the wrong man. We tried to tell her when it happened. We told her how he scared us, how he was never pleasant. We told her we did not like the way that he looked at her. Her parents pretended to like him. They welcomed him to all of their parties and into their inner circle with wide open arms.
He pretended to like us. He pretended to want to be around us. He never spoke directly to me. For two years he spoke around me. He spoke to my sister, he spoke to my boyfriend, he spoke to everyone around me, but never directly to me. I always felt uneasy near him. I wanted to get her away from him, well I guess we all did.
The proposal was unexpected. He placed a gorgeous ring on her finger and she said yes. We weren’t surprised by her answer, she was smitten, infatuated, almost obsessed. I could never figure it out. Yes he was handsome, as handsome as a movie star. Yes he had money, but neither of those things made up for the fact that he was frightening.
The wedding was like those out of a fairytale. Her dress was a crème color and it was covered in lace and a line of covered buttons followed her spine. It was strapless and fit her petite frame perfectly. He woludn’t let her parents pay for anything, something that made them love him and begin to trust him. He gave her everything she wanted and I should have been happy for her. The ceremony, the perfect ceremony, went on without a hitch. I was as good a maid of honor as any. I pinned up her hair, fixed her makeup, and said my prayers with her. I even held back my last reservations from her, saying only that it was never too late if she was nervous.
She laughed off my slightly warning tone telling me that he was everything she ever wanted. Their honeymoon was a dream. They went on an island cruise. They had a wonderful time she assured me. they came back with tans, but she was different.
Her smile was less authentic. She was careful with her words. He stopped coming around to gatherings. He stopped coming home to her. He started showing up places unannounced. He came to a dinner she had planned for her girlfriends. He came angry. He started to make more eye contact. He started to talk more. He began to ask me questions and press me for the answers. He started to show up at my house before I got off work. I told her about it and she tried to act as if nothing was wrong.
Something was wrong. Now that I’m gone I wish I had a time machine. I wish that I could start all over, back at the day she met him. I wish I could tell her then what I know now. Well I guess, what I knew when he killed me. She was going to marry the wrong man.


3 responses to “Wedded Bliss

  1. That was unexpected. I didn’t think that your mind would go in that direction. It’s a great direction.
    Super story

  2. Embot.
    usted es siguiente Stephen King.
    Le deseo lo mejor de suerte con su carrera como un autor.
    la buena suerte, abrazas y besos.

  3. Ema! I like this!! Keep them coming..

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